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Whether an entire album, individual songs, film dubbing, speech recordings or audio restoration, we provide the optimal technical conditions for each project, in order to produce your songs in the recording studio. No matter what your music style, we provide high-quality audio mastering to provide professional best quality to your music.

Our services include all areas related to music.
Complete production of demos and CDs of music of all genres as well as voice recordings with digital and analogue equipment.
We write suitable music texts of any kind, produce and offer you everything you need for a professional music production.
From speaker casting to final production, we offer our clients first-class voice recordings in all imaginable languages.


The music video is an artistic format that leaves plenty of room for creativity. Depending on the desired outcome and the effort that is put in, a great deal of knowledge in terms of conception, organization and post-processing can be demanded from the production team.

Thus, the music video is suitable for both beginners and advanced levels. Since teenagers usually like music and music videos, they quickly relate to this format.

We offer you all the possibilities to record a music video. Whether studio production with white, black or green screen technology or video shoot at selected locations, we provide cutting-edge technology in professional photography with light, camera crane or aerial coverage.

Video production technology needs to be updated regularly. We constantly develop new approaches and content. This mainly includes scenarios and productions of our author films.

In post-production, your clip is brought to the level of state-of-the-art video productions, it is optically processed and converted into a compatible format.

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