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For many artists and musicians, Radio Airplay is still one of the most important indicators of success. Anyone who has dealt with the subject already knows, however, that without the necessary contacts one has a little chance of being played by the big and famous radio stations. A professional support by a promoter is essential in this case.
We offer professional promotion of your music on radio stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Potentially, you can reach over 1300 radio editors in the MPN network. Your album will be delivered to the radio station along with cover, audio samples and biography and will be available to the radio editor and media partners for 90 days.

Due to the strongly increasing distribution of broadband internet access, online sampling has become firmly established. Anyone who wants to make himself and his music successful among potential buyers and fans, depends on appropriate public relations and marketing. We offer versatile services from press sampling to the creation of YouTube advertising campaigns to promote your project in a professional manner.

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