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Digital music distribution

Through our extensive and efficient international distribution network, we undertake the marketing and sale of your music.
It doesn’t matter what music style, whether rock, pop, hip-hop, techno, classical or folk music, there is a target audience for every genre, and we bring your music to the right audience so that you can sell your music successfully.

We release your music and position it in all the relevant online shops. This includes classical download stores like Amazon and iTunes, as well as streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.

In no time, we bring your music to the most popular music stores, so your fans can listen to your music anywhere in the world.

Physical distribution

We are well aware that the “old” physical distribution channels still have an important role to play and need to be properly covered.

We make it possible for you to offer your CDs in the retail market and we go even further, we also promote your music on radio stations. To ensure you the upcoming live performances, you can choose from our wide range of available event organizers or even agents who are looking for musicians and performers for certain event organizers.

Graphics and promotional items

Good music is in the foreground and top priority but the packaging has to be impressive too, which is why everyone wants to have a remarkable design for their CDs.

We not only design your CDs exclusively for you, but also design flyers, posters, autograph cards, etc.

Printed matter is an important accompanying material to your CD and it conveys the first impression of your product.

Even though music is increasingly spreading digitally through various download and streaming options, the era of a physical CD is far from over. CDs are still sold in large quantities across the counter and are bestsellers at concerts. Even today, a CD gives fans the unforgettable feeling of holding a piece of your artist or band history in their hands.

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